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Hook Up


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20 stories
244 pages

$13.95 (Featured Writer Discount)
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For Katie
by Deborah J Ledford
A Flash of Light
by Jason Sizemore
Eternity and the Devil
by Larry Hodges
The Dog At The Camp
by Bryan Thao Worra
Misuse of Shoes
by Tracie McBride
Scratching the Surface
by Michael Kelly
Ever Ending
by Ahmed A. Khan
The Blue Rocker
by Gary Cuba
First Cat
by Larry Hodges
Lest We Forget
by Tracie McBride
Alice in Ink
by Mari Mitchell
by Matt Spencer
Hell Is Other People
by Tracie McBride
After the Killing
by Steven Utley
Car Drive
by Larry Hodges
Haunting Clues
by Maria Schneider
by Rayne Hall
What's Your Fancy?
created by MikeT
cover art by Jeliza Patterson

Everyone has a dark side. Yes, even you. Whether it's horror, mystery, crime, suspense or dark fantasy, it's there inside you just waiting to be unleashed.

Within the following pages you'll find something that triggers that shadowy side of your mind. Don't be afraid. Be excited, for you are about to discover unknown pleasures. It's all in front of you.

So...what's your fancy? Turn the page and find out.

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