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Hook Up


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10 stories
150 pages

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Zero Hour
by Sue Burke
No Pug Intended
by Samantha Coville
The Common Good
by Tim McDaniel
For Want of a Nail
by Mary Robinette Kowal
by Anatoly Belilovsky
Stories that Bind
by Sandra Tayler
Summoning Stone
by R. S. Pyne
Ten Stories Selected From Fall 2012
created by foxtale
cover art by Caroline Yoachim

Ten stories selected from the over thirty submissions to the AnthologyBuilder short story data base for Fall 2012.

Stories written within several genre categories; mainstream humor, fantasy, alternate history, science fiction, dark fantasy and horror.

An eclectic collection, including the 2011 Hugo Award science fiction story "For Want Of A Nail" by Mary Robinette Kowal.

November 2012

Copies of An Eclectic Ten From Twelve are available

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PROLOGUE - These are stories selected by editors for presentation in their publications. Some readers will enjoy them all, others just some - that is the point of an eclectic collection. Agreeing to Disagree.


- James Fox

Well, perhaps it was Eve, back in the garden,

Who started that whole blasted debate;

About evolution versus creation,

When she hollered at Adam, her mate,

"Hey, just give me back my apple, ya big ape!"

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