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7 stories
124 pages

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Moon Flu
by Vaughan Stanger
The Peace Criminal
by Vaughan Stanger
Sons of the Earth
by Vaughan Stanger
Star in a Glass
by Vaughan Stanger
Dying of the Light
by Vaughan Stanger
The Eye Patch Protocol
by Vaughan Stanger
Family Tree
by Vaughan Stanger
Never Was, Nor Ever Will Be
Alternate History Stories by Vaughan Stanger
created by Vaughan Stanger
cover art by Jonathan Rollins

I love writing alternate history stories. Several of those included in this collection are set in pasts that never happened. Others are set in futures that events have made unreachable.

Sometimes a counterfactual story happens by chance. That's one of the risks intrinsic to writing SF set in the very near future. So if anyone is wondering why I included 'Star in a Glass' in this collection, check the final scene...carefully.

If you enjoy reading these stories, you can find other examples of my work on AnthologyBuilder and in e-book form elsewhere on the Web.

Vaughan Stanger

November 2012

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