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12 stories
218 pages

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Domestic Arrangements
by Tim McDaniel
The Carrion Monster
by Tim McDaniel
Le Morte de Volkswagyn
by Tim McDaniel
Dei Ex Machina
by Tim McDaniel
Zero Hour
by Tim McDaniel
An Ounce of Prevention
by Tim McDaniel
by Tim McDaniel
The Best Path
by Tim McDaniel
Teachers' Lounge
by Tim McDaniel
They Laughed at Me in Vienna
and other stories by Tim McDaniel
created by Tim McDaniel
cover art by Melissa Mead

Welcome to my worlds! I hope you will find some enjoyable places to visit.

"Domestic Arrangements" is the story of an unusual household, as is "Why the Aliens Did What They Did to that Suburb of Madison, Wisconsin." I'll leave it to you to decide which is more appealing, but I know which one I would rather visit.

"Carrion Monster" dares to ask: What if a zombie has no interest in eating brains?

"Le Morte de Volswagyn" was written in fake Middle-English when I was back in college; I was immensely proud when the professor of the Arthurian Romances I was taking read it aloud to the class (who slept through it).

"Lancelot Nova and the Hidden Peril" lets me write about Space Rangers, and who wouldn't want to do that?

"Dei Ex Machina" has fun with religion, and "Zero Hour" is a (basically) true story about two of my nephews.

"Ounce of Prevention" was written to celebrate a friend's wedding anniversary (hence its romantic tone) and "Signatures" was supposed to be my first publication. I slaved over it, and slaved over it, and sent it off with high expectations -- then "Volkswagyn," which was way too easy to write, sold first instead!

"The Best Path" is a story that teaches a lesson I'm not sure I agree with, while "Teachers Lounge" was based in large part on my experiences as an adjunct ESL teacher at several colleges.

Finally, "They Laughed at Me in Vienna (etc.)" is a personal favorite (don't tell the others); I suggest you read it aloud, shouting "Fools!" at the greatest possible volume.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

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