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15 stories
272 pages

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Writing on the Wall
by Vaughan Stanger
The Simulacrum's Children
by Sarah L. Edwards
The Last Protector
by Billy Wong
by Willis Couvillier
Natural Progression, Act 2
by Shelly Bryant
To Kiss the Star
by Amy Sterling Casil
Violence on TV
by Glenn Lewis Gillette
In Memory
by Eric James Stone
By Way of the Maelstrom
by Clinton A. Harris
Trompe L'Oeil
by K.C. Shaw
Survival Strategies
by Vaughan Stanger
March of the Robots
created by Vaughan Stanger
cover art by Frank Wu

Robots, robots everywhere, shining your shoes while driving you to despair.

Welcome to fifteen futures and fantasies you probably wouldn't want to inhabit but you'll enjoy reading about.

Some of the events depicted in this anthology's final story, Survival Strategies, are featured in the early sections of my novel-in-progress bearing the same title. Hopefully one day you'll find it in all good bookstores!

Vaughan Stanger

(January 2012)

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