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The Oracle is Never Wrong
by Jacey Bedford
The Finn
by Sue Thomason
After Camlann
by Liz Holliday
The Whitby Jets
by Jacey Bedford
A Thief in the Night
by Stephen Kilbane
The Urbane Fox
by Jacey Bedford
The Smell of Magic
by Mike Lewis
Just Do It
by Heather Lindsley
Tall Tales on the Iron Horse
by Colin P. Davies
by David Langford
by Al Robertson
Mirror Mirror
by Jacey Bedford
High Ground
by Jaine Fenn
The Jewel of Locaria
by Jacey Bedford
One Week in Another Place
Stories by Jacey Bedford and Friends
created by Jacey Bedford
cover art by Caroline Yoachim

One special week each year a small group of published writers of SF (speculative fiction of all stripes) get together in a secluded residential location in North Wales, to workshop ideas and discuss work in progress. It's the Milford SF Writers' Conference, just known as Milford for short.

It's been held in the UK annually for 40 years. It began in Milford Pennsylvania and then in 1972 it was brought to the UK by James Blish and his wife, Judy.

Milford is a very special event. Being there is like taking time-out from the real world. There are no leaders and no followers, just a group of peers working through a very intense week of reading, critting, discussing and socialising - all in a mutually supportive atmosphere. It's a great way for writers to recharge their creative batteries.

In this anthology you'll find seven of my short stories plus a selection of great stories by writers I've met and workshopped with at Milford since my first attendance in 1998.

Jacey Bedford

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