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21 stories
190 pages

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Moving On
by Gary Cuba
The Blue Rocker
by Gary Cuba
by Gary Cuba
The Fine Point
by Gary Cuba
'Til Death Do Us
by Gary Cuba
The Way Home
by Gary Cuba
by Gary Cuba
Gauss's Invitation
by Gary Cuba
Leaving Town
by Gary Cuba
Color My World
by Gary Cuba
Firing Squad
by Gary Cuba
The Dead Pilot
by Gary Cuba
Say What?
The Cockamamie Stories of Gary Cuba
created by Gary Cuba
cover art by AnthologyBuilder (public domain artwork)

Welcome. This is a compilation of some of my published fiction, comprised exclusively of thinly plausible lies. I firmly believe that the tales lack any hint of slander. If you deem it otherwise, contact me later and we'll work it out over a beer. I'll buy.

I hope you'll leave your dripping sense of incredulity in the umbrella stand in the foyer before coming into my library. Thank you very much.

I give thanks to the various accomplices in my prose crimes, the publishers listed above. I sometimes wonder what got into their minds when they originally bought these yarns. No matter. The stories are my sins to bear, not theirs.

Insofar as dedications go, that can be tricky and fraught with peril. The persons who have inspired and helped me are legion. Best, I think, to only mention my wife, Christine (who has always fully supported any cockamamie notion I've ever had in my life), and my best writing buddy Dave Steffen (whose friendship I'll ever hold dear).

Okay, that's that. Go read.

Gary Cuba

Lower Carolina, USA

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