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8 stories
252 pages

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Dragon Time
by Ruth Nestvold
Princes and Priscilla
by Ruth Nestvold
Looking Through Lace
by Ruth Nestvold
The Leaving Sweater
by Ruth Nestvold
Roger Lambelin
by Ruth Nestvold and Jay Lake
To Act the Witch
by Ruth Nestvold
Wooing Ai Kyarem
by Ruth Nestvold
Give That Girl a Sword!
Tales of Empowerment by Ruth Nestvold
created by Ruth Nestvold
cover art by Jeliza Patterson

This collection contains a number of my own personal favorites; writing tales of empowerment is a kind of wish-fulfillment, after all. Some are humorous, some are dark, most are fantasy, a couple are science fiction, but all revolve around a main female character who overcomes obstacles (sometimes including herself) to make a better life for herself and others.

The first story is "Dragon Time": Time has stopped in Unterdrachenberg, and there is only one young woman who might have the talent to fix it. But does she have the courage?

Other stories in the collection:

Princes and Priscilla - fantasy

Looking Through Lace - science fiction

The Leaving Sweater - fantasy

Roger Lambelin (with Jay Lake) - fantasy

On the Shadow Side of the Beast - science fiction

To Act the Witch - fantasy

Wooing Ai Kyarem - fantasy

This book is dedicated to all the strong, smart and sassy young women in my life.

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