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11 stories
206 pages

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Let There Be Write
by Nancy Fulda
Pastry Run
by Nancy Fulda
Dead Men Don't Cry
by Nancy Fulda
Blue Ink
by Nancy Fulda
by Nancy Fulda
by Nancy Fulda
The Breath of Heaven
by Nancy Fulda
Ghost Chimes
by Nancy Fulda
A New Kind of Sunrise
by Nancy Fulda
Science Fiction by Nancy Fulda
created by Nancy Fulda
cover art by Jonathan Rollins

It's said that writer's stories are like a mother's children. She loves them, not merely despite their flaws, but also because of them.

Presented here is a collection of my writings over the past ten years. Within these pages you will find tales of computers that invent God, minds that travel through time, electronic ghosts, and deceased extraterrestrials. Some of these stories have received more professional acclaim than others, but in my eyes, all are beloved.

The opening story, "Let There Be Write", is technically nonfiction. It appeared in Strange Horizons as a mini-article and is arguably my most popular creation. Certainly a number of people have told me it made them laugh.

"Pastry Run" was written in a single afternoon while trailing my then-two-year-old son around the house. It was so thoroughly disliked by my critique group that I nearly shelved it. I'm now glad I didn't, because it became my second professional-level sale.

"Dead Men Don't Cry", the title story of this anthology, was written with an eye toward plot. I sought to keep the action lively and the tension high. For the most part I succeeded, but if I were rewriting it today I'd get rid of the white-room staff meeting in the opening.

"Blue Ink" was written for a high school writing contest, and won. I expanded the story a few years later. I still love it even though the subject matter is hopelessly cliche.

"Backlash" grew out of my experience watching a friend struggle with post-traumatic stress syndrome. I feel a bit sorry for everything I put Eugene through during this story. He's a good guy, and deserves better.

"Monument" may be my most jaded creation. It asks the question: "How would humanity really react to extraterrestrial visitors?"

"All Praise to the Dreamer" was commissioned for Apex Books' Aegri Somnia anthology, and is one of those rare stories that took me places I never anticipated going. Tangent Online called it "as engrossing and brief and clever as a Twilight Zone episode" and reported that "Fulda's story hooks your attention from the first sentence and stays with you long past the startling, yet fitting, end."

"The Breath of Heaven" grew out of a concept that's enthralled me since high school: a reversal of the Evil Robot trope in which a computer is stalked by a human. Sacia is one of my favorite fictional creations. Perhaps I'll tell the rest of her story someday.

"Ghost Chimes" has the distinction of being the first story to prompt my mother to ask whether the antagonist was based on her personality. For the record, no.

"The Man Who Murdered Himself" is one of my earliest stories and, surprisingly, also one of my most successful. It has been reprinted three times and has earned me more money than any other single work of fiction. It was also my first professional-level sale.

"A New Kind of Sunrise" is a personal favorite, and is the basis for my upcoming novel. It's set on a world where nomadic tribes circle the equator, always remaining within the twilight band between Day and Night.

I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. By the time you've finished, perhaps I will have completed a few more.

Nancy Fulda

February 2011

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