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Babel 3000
by Colin P. Davies
Dying of the Light
by Vaughan Stanger
Ghost Chimes
by Nancy Fulda
The Masque of the Red Death
by Edgar Allan Poe
Book of Pain
by Ahmed A. Khan
This is the Universe
by Liz Holliday
Legend of Delver's Holler
by Jennifer Schwabach
Ping-Pong Ambition
by Larry Hodges
The Death Trap of Dr. Nefario
by Benjamin Rosenbaum
That Spot
by Jack London
Before Kindle
Short Stories From Print Magazines
created by foxtale
cover art by Caroline Yoachim

Before the 'e' readers hit the market, people used to scrunch down in a chair or sofa, fold back the pages of a magazine and read a short story at their leisure. That was an experience that is as different as fast food is from home cooked pot-luck.

This anthology contains a baker's dozen of stories from that time. On the menu are some that are science fiction, some macabre, several humorous, but all are thought provoking.

So, sit back and muse over these flights of fancy in this selection of short stories that existed before Kindle and the multitude of other 'e' readers.

- foxtale - February 2011 -

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The Cannibal King, (with the big nose ring,)

invited his subjects over to dine.

Said he, "I thought we'd try something different;

Please enjoy this vegetarian dinner."

One of the Witch Doctors, (I don't remember which,)

then queried most fearfully, "What are we eating?"

Replied The Cannibal King, "A vegetarian."

- James Fox

* * *

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