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Hook Up


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13 stories
176 pages

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Murder in Quotes
by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
A Ragman's Vow
by Brent Knowles
The Power of Suggestion
by Christa M. Miller
John's List
by Brent Knowles
The Death Trap of Dr. Nefario
by Benjamin Rosenbaum
Cat Futures
by Lawrence M. Schoen
by Eric James Stone
The Splatterfairies' Halloween
by Shalanna Collins
The Blue Screen of Death
by Tracie McBride
The Magic Hat
created by Brent Nichol (e)Beer1
cover art by Eric James Stone

Thought-provoking stories of whimsical wit and time well wasted.

What do sock monsters of a different sort, an author with an alter-ego, a bad seed, a superhero with a complex, nostalgic clones and environmentalist dinosaurs have in common?

Aside from likely being ripped off by their cellphone provider, this collection, hand-picked by Brent Nichol.

Computer glitches in Heaven, proof that cats think of more than just food, and a future of gastric consequences round out this weave of story-telling, from some of the brightest upcoming authors.

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