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11 stories
108 pages

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To Walk Among Dreams
by Heather Kuehl
The Wicked Deed
by Heather Kuehl
by Heather Kuehl
The Desire of Selkies
by Heather Kuehl
Project Indestructible
by Heather Kuehl
Blythe's Vengeance
by Heather Kuehl
Fire and Brimstone
by Heather Kuehl
The Voice Within the Book
by Heather Kuehl
by Heather Kuehl
The Final Goodbye
by Heather Kuehl
Through the Rosebush
stories by Heather Kuehl
created by HTKuehl
cover art by Caroline Yoachim

I started publishing short stories in 2007. It wasn’t until 2010 when "Promises to Keep" was being published that I realized that these short stories created an entire fantasy world. I had learned about this world bit by bit, creating fantastical characters in amazing situations.

In our modern world, there is a rosebush behind a historical house in Charleston, South Carolina. That bush is a portal in to Verella; a fantasy realm filled with dragons and magic.

Please, step through that rosebush and see what Verella has to offer. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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