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Hook Up


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144 pages

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The man who eats angels
by David de Beer
Femina Obscura
by Joy Marchand
Alice in Ink
by Mari Mitchell
The Suicide Club Membership Drive
by Stephen L. Antczak
Slices of Life
by Vaughan Stanger
by David Langford
by Samantha Henderson
The God of Last Moments
by Alethea Kontis
Lest We Forget
by Tracie McBride
After the Killing
by Steven Utley
Dangerous Visions
( t h e n e w )
created by Nancy Fulda
cover art by Deborah Dixon

Harlan Ellison's DANGEROUS VISIONS anthologies pushed against the boundaries of the acceptable and challanged readers to confront their own preconceptions.

These stories selected from AnthologyBuilder attempt to do the same.

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