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1 . We Are Family
by Simone Martel
Fantasy, pages
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2 . To Give Your All
by Raina Lorring
Not Specified, pages
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3 . The Giant and the Unicorn
by Alethea Kontis
Children, 10 pages
A steampunk retelling of the classic friendship forged in Aesop's fable "Androcles and the Lion."
4 . The Endangered Camp
by Ann Leckie
Science Fiction, 15 pages
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5 . The Unknown God
by Ann Leckie
Fantasy, 29 pages
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6 . Blue Ink
by Yoon Ha Lee
Science Fiction, 11 pages
Sometimes, at the universe's end, it's about the battles you don't fight.
7 . Date with a Zombie
by Andy Echevarria
Not Specified, 5 pages
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8 . The Last Man in Town
by Clinton A. Harris
Dark Fantasy, pages
Jeremiah August has just buried his adoptive grandfather in the cemetery of a remote, high-plains ghost town. His life changes when a young hitchhiker with a mysterious past arrives, bringing with her chaos and troubles Jeremiah has never known.
9 . Gardening Tip #8
by Tim McDaniel
Fantasy, 5 pages
Joe comes to the nursery on a mission -- to protect his garden. The solution arrives in an unexpected form.
10 . Digital Rights
by Brent Knowles
Science Fiction, 48 pages
Izzy's new job aboard a solar station orbiting Earth becomes more complicated when she begins receiving cryptic messages from a ghost. This story was a winner in the "L Ron Hubbard presents the Writers of the Future" contest, and first appeared in Writers of the Future Volume XXVI.
11 . The Way of the Restless
by Alethea Kontis
Science Fiction, 12 pages
Three hundred years into the future, soap operas are still going strong (and with the same casts!). Swindler, driver, persuader, seducer, anarchist, requisitionist, treasure hunter, bounty hunter, collector, and seller, Elvis is asked to pull off one of the most important heists of his life: rescuing a priceless piece of art from an interstellar transport ship. Of course, there are far more strings attached to this job than Elvis would have ever imagined.
12 . Blue and Gray & Black and Green
by Alethea Kontis
Children, 9 pages
A ghost story based on the haunted General Jenkins House (Green Bottom) in West Virginia. (In keeping with oral tradition, this story works best when read aloud.)
13 . The God of Last Moments
by Alethea Kontis
Dark Fantasy, 23 pages
Max receives a piece of his mother's funerary jewelry and realizes that he now has the power to touch certain objects and relive their owner's last moments. But exactly how far will he need to go to reach divinity?
14 . A Poor Man's Roses
by Alethea Kontis
Science Fiction, 9 pages
Inspired by Patsy Cline, Kerri attempts to escape from the mad scientist husband bent on extracting her powerful nanotechnology-enhanced blood for his own nefarious devices.
15 . The Monster & Mrs. Blake
by Alethea Kontis
Fantasy, 12 pages
At eleven years old, Jeremy Blake is too old to have a monster under his bed. But there is a monster there...and it's getting bigger. Jeremy searches desperately for a solution to his problem and finally seeks help from the most unlikely person: his mother.
16 . The Witch of Black Mountain
by Alethea Kontis
Dark Fantasy, 17 pages
Pregnant and troubled, Ennica Jamison follows a schoolyard legend and climbs to the top of Black Mountain in Harlan County, Kentucky to seek help from the witch who lives there.
17 . The Unicorn Tree
by Alethea Kontis
Science Fiction, 15 pages
Wandering space pilot and artist Katie Shepard sets down on a devastated planet on a quest for her mother...and discovers that the ruined city is occupied by a gang of orphaned clone children.
18 . Making up with Betty Crocker
by Jacinta Butterworth
Mainstream, 6 pages
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19 . Eavesdropper
by Tim McDaniel
Science Fiction, 4 pages
Gerardo is just having lunch in the park, and snatches of conversation overheard from passersby makes him yearn for a life of excitement.
20 . Execution Morning
by Marie Brennan
Fantasy, 14 pages
Sometimes there is no right choice.
21 . White Shadow
by Marie Brennan
Fantasy, 14 pages
The fire of your heart. The rhythm of your breath.
22 . Harvesters
by R. S. Pyne
Science Fiction, 4 pages
Down in the gutter, all you have left to sell is your life. There are many people willing to pay for it.
23 . The Firelight Honor
by James Fox
Mainstream, 4 pages
The firelight flashed on the scoutmaster's knife blade as he stepped toward the flag. He slashed and murmur of concern rippled through the assembled campers. A gash had appeared just below a star...
24 . Brother Sleep
by Tim McDaniel
Science Fiction, pages
In a future Thailand, sleep has been medically banished from the lives of the privileged. But Horse, a college student from a poor district, envies his sleeper roommate as he deals with a broken heart and a hidden past.
25 . On The Fast Track - Stalking 'gators and Three-legged Critters
by James Fox
Humor, pages
4 pgs. On a camping trip our tracking skills were pitted against a three-legged critter and a giant 'gator... wait, how could there be a 'gator in a California river? Well...
26 . Buzz Cut
by James Fox
Humor, 4 pages
Summer hair cut + hair dye = disaster. The saga of a flaming red hair experiment that later created problems at summercamp!
27 . The Greeny at Old Smokey Lake
by Larry Hodges
Science Fiction, 14 pages
An alien warrior from Antares, who looks like a blue, ten-armed spider the size of a house cat, retires to Earth and, disguised as a human, spends his time fishing with a human friend. But when a greeny shows up on Earth, it's up to him to save his friend and stop the invasion.�
28 . One Brushstroke at a Time
by Larry Hodges
Fantasy, 3 pages
A budding artist rebels against the Church of Art, which declares, "In the beginning, God created heaven and Earth," the preacher said, clutching his bible. "And the Earth was without form, and so He formed unto its canvas that art known as mankind and his surroundings, and it was His greatest creation. And there shall be no other art but that by God the Artist."