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1. Choose a Title and Cover Art
If you're not sure what to name your anthology, don't worry. You can always change the title later.
2. Add Stories and Articles
We'll help you select material that matches the theme you want, or you can browse the story listings on your own. You'll find work by famous authors like Lewis Carroll, Nathaniel Hawthorne, even one by Abraham Lincoln. You'll also find work by up-and-coming authors like Tobias Buckell and Mary Robinette Kowal. If you'd like to take a few days to think over your story choices, that's fine. Just save your anthology and come back to work on it at your convenience.
3. Buy it and Share it
We'll let you know as soon as your anthology is shipped out so you can watch for it in the mail. Also, you may add your anthology to our online library for other visitors to see. You can come back to change or view your saved anthology as often as you want.

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