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Frequently Asked Questions:


General Questions:

Where does AnthologyBuilder get its stories?

Most of our stories are submitted to us directly by the author. We also host classic stories that are in the public domain. These classic stories have been submitted by volunteers via our public domain submission form.

I can't find the story I want to purchase. Is there a way to request it?

The best way to get a story into AnthologyBuilder is to contact the author and ask him or her submit it to us. We do keep a record of all search queries, though, and if a story is requested by a large number of distinct users, we may approach the author for permission to include it.

May I submit a public domain story to AnthologyBuilder?

Absolutely. We appreciate it when volunteers take an interest in making public domain works available to others. The submission form is here.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts of up to 10% on orders over 30 books. The web site doesn't offer this feature automatically, though, so you'll need to contact us to arrange it.

Why are there empty pages in my anthology preview?

We find that anthologies generally look prettier if every chapter begins on a right-hand page. If the Title Page, Table of Contents, or a chapter heading would normally start on a left-hand page, our system inserts an extra page to fill the gap.

Why are the page numbers wrong in my preview?

The Table of Contents is created using the actual length of each story, but in the preview document, only a small portion of each story is displayed. This creates an apparent inaccuracy in the page numbers. Don't worry. When your book is shipped to you, the page numbering will be correct.

Why are the shipping costs different when I change the number of stories in my anthology?

The cost of shipping your anthology depends partly on its weight. Hence, shipping charges for longer anthologies will be higher than for shorter ones. You can view shipping costs here.

How long can my anthology be?

AnthologyBuilder supports anthologies between 50 and 350 pages.

Who does your web design?

AnthologyBuilder is the brainchild and creative work of Nancy Fulda, who can be contacted via Canyon Crest Software.


Author Questions:

I submitted a story. Why isn't it showing up in the Browse Stories page?

Anthology builder uses a screening and formatting process to make sure that each story looks good when placed in context with the rest of the anthology. Depending on how many submissions are coming in, this process may take several days. We will send you an email notification when your story is available for purchase.

How much of my story will AnthologyBuilder display in electronic previews?

The preview size depends on story length, but it's not more than a few pages in a standard-size font, and never more than 50% of the total story length.

AnthologyBuilder uses an electronic contract, but I prefer to have a paper copy. How do I get one?

(1) Download a printable copy of our contract
(2) Print two copies. Sign and date both of them.
(3) Mail them to us along with a self-addressed envelope and one international reply coupon.

You can get our mailing address by sending a request through our contact form. When the contracts arrive, we will countersign them and send the second one back to you.