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May 25th, 2012 by Jim Fox

Alethea Kontis has described herself for Anthology Builder as a princess, a goddess, a force of nature, and a mess! There has got to be more to this thumbnail sketch than she lets on. Let’s find out! – foxtale

Alethea, already a bestselling author and with film credits in your bio (,  you recently launched a Young Adult fairytale novel.  Why this genre?

My whole life has been working toward this moment: Publishing a fantasy novel like the ones I used to love when I was a young girl. The alphabet books and the anthologies and the movies and The Dark-Hunter Companion have been amazing opportunities I’ve been lucky enough to have along the way (what girl in her right mind would say no?), but the fantasy novels have always been my goal.

Your short story “Blood and Water” is in currently in the anthology “From the Shadows” as well as  “Awards Weekend”  at Anthology Builder; what enticed you to retell the little mermaid story as a vampire tale?

My parents always worry about me writing in the car. I keep this little notebook beside my parking break that I scribble mad notes in when at a stoplight, or stuck in traffic. I showed it to my friend Brandi once. She turned a page and said, “What’s a ‘Vampire Mermaid?'” Two completely separate ideas were suddenly smashed together like chocolate and peanut butter. Combined with my love of Hans Christian Andersen and all the research I had done for my marine science minor on hydrothermal vents…VOILA! The story sprang from my head like Athena. With Pirates.

“From the Shadows” is an eclectic collection of Vampire tales, including Bram Stoker’s “Dracula’s Guest” which established the vampire genre, with some of the aspects likely mirrored by Johnny Depp’s vampire in the film “Dark Shadows.” So, will you go see the movie?

Despite my work on this story, Blood and Water (and The Dark-Hunter Companion), I’m really not a vampire fan. I have never found them appealing or sexy, and I hate watching horror movies. (Making them is SO MUCH MORE FUN.) Dark Shadows may surprise me, since I have such low expectations, but I’d much rather go see Avengers again.

Lastly, about teddy bear Charlie: is he a muse, a keepsake or just a cuddly pillow?

Thank you for asking! Charlie was my Christmas present when I was fifteen. His full name is Charlemagne Montesque, the Marquis of Albec, and he is my very best friend. He has dried many a tear and chased away many a nightmare and he knows my deepest, darkest secret (which is that I have no deep, dark secrets). And yes, I still seek his comfort and guidance, even twenty years later. The need for a best friend never goes away.

——————- Alethea, thank you for indulging the AB blog ———————–

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