Playoff Round Rules

Preliminary voting for the Most-Liked Anthology Contest ends at midnight tonight (give or take a few hours — it quite frankly depends on what time I wake up for the day in Europe and lock the results).

Once the finalists have been announced, we’ll move into a Playoff Round whose purpose is to test, not simply how many people liked a given antho, but how devoted they are to it.

Accordingly, each visitor is allowed to vote once per day for the anthology of their choice. You see, devoted fans will be willing to stop by the finalists’ page every day to log their vote. Less devoted fans might intend to do so, but they will forget. Superficially devoted fans will decide the whole thing is not worth the effort and quit right now.

Voting will continue until August 15th.

As in the initial rounds, you are allowed to vote for your own anthology, and there is no shame in this. Also, although the ‘like’ links on the AB Library listings will remain active, the number of people who liked an anthology will have no bearing on the contest results once the finalists have been chosen.

It’s been great fun watching the finalist standings move around over the last few days. I consider them all to be splendid anthologies, and I’m quite curious to see which one comes out on top. May the best antho win!

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