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Thumbnail – NEW FICTION From the AB 2014 Data-base

December 29th, 2014 by Jim Fox

Here are a few thumbnail sketches by authors of new fiction that they added to the Anthology Builder Archives in 2014.

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They were the enemy in a no-quarter war.  The Junior war.  No mercy, no prisoners.  Except one day they took one  -FMK

In the third year of the Junior Wars, we captured one. We dragged it to the castle kicking and screaming, fighting us every step of the way. It bit Marco on the shoulder, hard, and for a minute there the rest of us were fingering our weapons, eyeing him with a mixture of fear and incipient hatred, though we knew it wasn’t contagious. Not that way at least…

Prisoner of War   Floris M. Kleijne


September 4, 1909 – He was the most striking man at the auction.  Lourdes found her eyes drawn to that unknown man on the far side of the paddock – JKC

The mare wasn’t the one she’d come for, but Lourdes kept her eyes fixed on her anyway. The horse danced nervously in the corral. Calm, Lourdes thought at the creature. Safe. The mare’s nervous steps stopped and she stood still…

Snowfall–  J. Kathleen Cheney


A gadget geek’s excitement over his new -Ambient Web smartphone-,  already tempered by the producer’s apparent submission to commerce,  turns to dust when his best friend’s sister goes missing – FMK
“Hello, David,” the voice sounded softly in his ears. That was one rumor confirmed: the Gen4 team had decided to bypass the built-in speakers if the user had implants. He could see how that might become annoying at some point, and made a mental note to ferret out the relevant setting…

Mashup  Floris M. Kleijne


In the distant future mankind sent a ship with five thousand people into the depths of space to colonize a new world called Terra Seconda: Second Earth. But their journey takes 400 years – SW

It wasn’t paradise on this vessel. Robert could only imagine the torment and torture these five-thousand people experienced… the Arbitrators predicted the population to double by the time they arrived at Second Earth… Robert knew without tough controls …over sex… the population would … overtax the delicate resources of the ship. Humans bred like rodents and he was the exterminator to control the numbers…

UnyieldingShane Ward


It’s Halloween, and all the kids are trickin’ and treatin’. But is all that candy good for them… or bad… or worse – FMK

Sander’s face was a grinning skull painted in an unhealthy shade of dull creamy white. His own dark eyes all but disappeared into the black holes Jane had drawn around them; his nose was a sharp black triangle; gaping and crooked teeth were painted over his lips. Jane had used a black dye to color his hair…

Trick or Treat Floris M. Kleijne


***Linked Note***  ‘The Girl Who Wanted To Fly’  by Shane Ward, is currently in the anthology  Celestial Horizon

New Fiction – Ten New Titles For March 2013

March 1st, 2013 by Jim Fox

Here are a few authors’ notes on ten additions to the Anthology Builder reprint data-base of published stories…

   There Are Ways  (humor)  – Tim McDaniel

   An odd researcher joins the Animal Communications Lab team …his methods however…

First And Third  (science fiction) – Vaughan Stanger

   Joe works on Mars. He loves Maisie, even though she’s dead. He keeps her mind alive, downloaded …

The List  (suspense)  – Tim McDaniel

   The front door – that’s where they would come through.. the back door was blocked…

Take Me To St Roch’s  (suspense)  – Rayne Hall

   Jean disapproved of hitchhikers on principle, but this might be an emergency…

The Kol Effect  (sciene fiction)  – Brent Knowles

   A specialist in time travel attempts to help a wealthy tycoon…

Worshipping At The Feet Of Old Colossus           (science fiction)         Therese Arkenberg

   At her feet they pray, confused, broken remnants; yearning to breathe air free of fallout…

La Migra  (science fiction)  – Bryan Thomas Schmidt

   Two Mexicans cross illegally into the U.S. to find the strangest Border Patrol Agents…

Rivalry On A Sky Course  (science fiction)  – Bryan Thomas Schmidt

   Perhaps next time Cadet Bordox will work with, instead of against, his team leader…

The Wounded House  (horror)  – Barbara A. Barnett

   I realized that it would be the first night I spent in the house since grandfather’s death...

MacBride With An A  (mainstream)  – Bruce Douglas Reeves

   Miss MacBride wanted to be a good teacher, but the kids in her classes…

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August 31st, 2012 by Jim Fox

NEW FICTION  – a sampling of author’s notes on just ten of more than thirty new stories recently added to Anthology Builder – ready to start you on your way to building your own favorite anthology in time for autumn!  (Click the link above and SORT Stories by “Most Recent” then click the title to read a preview of the story.) Or, check out the AB LIBRARY for ready made anthologies. (To use the library, click on a book, for example;  Camp Staff Escalator , then scroll down to contents and click on each chapter title to read a preview of that short story. Or click on each author’s name to see their AB story portfolio.)

Zero Hour  –  by Sue Burke  (science fiction)

– The clocks are wrong and that’s a sign of hope, but it’s not enough for a loving husband –

No Pug Intended  –  by Samantha Colville  (humor)

– Everything is normal until a pug named Yap joins the family, then everything’s turned upside down –

What happened While Don Was Watching The Game  –  by Floris M. Kleijne  (fantasy)

– Her husband, distracted by the ballgame, leaves little Donny in the parked car and Marjorie discovers that the bowels of their apartment building have deeper and darker depths than she ever imagined –

 The Common Good  –  by Tim McDaniel  (fantasy)

 – Magic has a cost and when used to cure a valuable member of the village a child must pay the price, now Tanner must help decide if that cost is worth paying –

For Want Of A Nail  –  by Mary Robinette Kowal  (science fiction **2011 Hugo Award**)

– There are complex choices that an Al and her wrangler must make to solve a seemingly simple technical problem with her chassis –

Chrestomathy  –  by Anatoly Belilovsky  (alternate history)

– a duel, a shot, a death, a world changed in an eyeblink,  “A little more time…” –

Stories That Bind  –  by Sandra Tayler  (dark fantasy)

She called to him through a mist of ocean spray as he stood on the precipice of rock overhanging the crashing waves  …A siren awaits her victim… but is he really as helpless as he seems –

 That Undiscovered Country  –  by Nancy Fulda  (science fiction)

– As The Gary Hudson Exospheric Laboratory rotated lazily against an expance of brilliant stars, sunlight glinted off its blockish airlock accentuating the trellises that joined its three concentric rings –

 Zuk And Zub, A Fable For Our Time  –  by James Fox  (humor)

– Early mankind wore fur as clothing out of necessity, but some fur became a fashion statement; this humorous tale from the dawn of time may explain how this came about –

Summoning Stone  –  by R. S. Pyne  (horror)

– All she had done was to steal something back that had been in her family since the latter half of the eighteenth century, but stealing from demons is just, well, never really a good idea –

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Vampires and Giants and Unicorns. And Garden Gnomes!

May 22nd, 2011 by Nancy Fulda

We’ve got new fiction by Brent Knowles, Tim McDaniel, Clinton A. Harris, Yoon Ha Lee, Ann Leckie and the fabulous Alethea Kontis.

You really ought to check out Alethea’s portfolio. Not only does she have steampunk unicorns, mermaid vampires, and psychoprojective manifestation of the monster under the bed, but she’s a featured author this month, and until May 31 you can have a $1 discount on any anthology containing one of her stories.

While we’re on the subject of featured authors, let’s not forget that Tim McDaniel also has a new story up. His Gardening Tip #8 follows the adventures of a devoted gardener with an unwelcome infestation of garden gnomes.

White Shadow, Brother Sleep, and Making up with Betty Crocker

April 20th, 2011 by Nancy Fulda

We’ve got new fiction by Larry Hodges, James Fox, Tim McDaniel, R. S. Pyne, Marie Brennan and Jacinta Butterworth.

I particularly liked Jacinta Butterworth’s Making up with Betty Crocker. It’s a mainstream literary story about a woman at the brink of a major priority shift. It’s… I dunno. It made me feel sad and hopeful at the same time, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it afterward.

Other stories of note include White Shadow by Marie Brennan and Brother Sleep by Tim McDaniel.

Artificial Sentience and the Klondike

April 6th, 2011 by Nancy Fulda

We’ve got new stories by R.S. Pyne, James Fox, Kenneth Eng, Gary Cuba, and Jack London.

I particularly enjoyed Pity by Gary Cuba, which plays a new game with the old trope of sentient robots. Jack London’s Housekeeping in the Klondike, for those who aren’t already familiar with it, is also an entertaining read.

Immortal Rock Stars, Dark-Matter Dating Services, and M.C. Escher

March 17th, 2011 by Nancy Fulda

We have new stories by Tracie McBride, Sandi Reed-Chan, Stephen L. Antczak, Domyelle Rhyse, Vaughan Stanger, Christian K. Martinez, Skylar Hamilton Burris, and James C. Bassett.

I was particularly enamoured of Reed John-Paul Forever by Stephen L. Antczak. The story has some harsh language, but it’s also got a lot of raw power and an intriguing premise.

Other stories of note include Dark They Were, and Strange Inside by Vaughan Stanger and Eschersketch by Stephen L. Antczak and James C. Bassett.

First Contact, Last Contact, Hadron Colliders, and Reality

March 4th, 2011 by Nancy Fulda

New Fiction by Alastair Mayer, Stephen L. Antczak, Billy Wong, David W. Goldman, Brent Knowles, and Gary Cuba.

This batch had some really awesome stories. My favorites were all science fiction. (Which may reveal something about my biases.)

David Goldman’s The First Conquest of Earth is a tongue-in-cheek rendering of humanity’s first experience with extraterrestrials. Frighteningly, by the end of the story, I felt convinced Goldman’s farcical depiction is probably close to the way it will really happen.

Gary Cuba’s Another Day at the Collider is the story of your average, everyday software developer who’s been strong-armed into unwanted overtime fixing a problem that’s not his fault. Maybe it’s because I’ve done software development, but I hung on every word. The central story idea is pretty good, too.

Stephen L. Antczak’s Reality is a must-read, even if you fall into the camp of people who don’t like the ending. Someone has constructed a massive scrap-metal sculpture in the town square of Random, Oregon. It’s called Reality, and it’s interactive…

Last Contact, also by Stephen L. Antczak, presents a highly believable scenario for mankind’s first tentative interactions with a race of aliens who are undeniably other. I particularly admired the way human-alien interactions form the backdrop for a tale which turns out, at its heart, to be a character story about Lysa.

Magic Hats and Dead-Tree Autonomists

February 25th, 2011 by Nancy Fulda

I get such a kick out of seeing what people do with AnthologyBuilder. Of the new library additions, my favorite title is definitely Before Kindle: it so completely sums up the reason I love AB.

As far as the content itself, I’m torn between The Autonomist’s Tales and The Magic Hat. The Magic Hat includes Mike Shultz’s “The Capacity to Appear Mindless” and Benjamin Rosenbaum’s “The Death Trap of Dr. Nefario”, both absolutely delightful. But The Autonomist has one of my all-time favorite stories, “L’Aquilone du Estrellas” by Dean Francis Alfar.

And, of course, if you want to go for straight out spunk and sass, Ruth Nestvold’s collection (Give That Girl a Sword!) is the hands-down champion.

Before Kindle
Short Stories from Real Magazines
Give That Girl a Sword!
Tales of Empowerment by Ruth Nestvold
The Magic Hat The Automatist’s Tales of the Strange and Fantastic

New Fiction

February 21st, 2011 by Nancy Fulda

New Fiction by Heather Kuehl, Richard H. Fay, Vaughan Stanger, Nancy Fulda, Ruth Nestvold, Gary Cuba, and Clinton A. Harris.

My favorite from this batch is Gary Cuba’s Sm@ll But Obvious Differences. (And no, that’s not a typo in the title). To Act the Witch is also very good, as is Vaughan Stanger’s Star in a Glass.