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One Day Left

August 14th, 2010 by Nancy Fulda

With one day of voting left in the Most-Liked Anthology Contest, Liz Holliday’s anthology is still leading the pack.

Currently the top three anthologies are:

With 62 votes: With Stars In His Eyes: The Stories of Vaughan Stanger
With 45 votes: The Draconomicon: Here be Dragons
With 35 votes: Ladies of Carpe Libris

Voting will end Sunday at midnight. Best wishes to all the contestants!

Scuffling in the Ranks

August 9th, 2010 by Nancy Fulda

In an impressive surge over the weekend, Liz Holliday’s With Stars In His Eyes: The Stories of Vaughan Stanger has moved to take the lead in our Most-Liked Anthology Contest.

Currently, the top six anthologies are:

With Stars In His Eyes

The Draconomicon

Ladies of
Carpe Libris

Kill Your Darlings:
A Jaine Fenn Sampler

The Authoritative
Merrie Haskell

Gone, But Not Forgotten
Stories from vanished publications.

You can keep an eye on the standings and cast votes once per day at

Most-Liked Anthology Finalists

August 1st, 2010 by Nancy Fulda

I am pleased to present our Finalists for the Most-Liked Anthology Contest.

As there was an… uh… [pauses to count] … eighteen-way tie for the tenth finalist slot, we elected to proceed with only nine finalists. One of these lucky editors will win a free anthology on August 15. More importantly, they will earn the right to feel warm and fuzzy inside, and to secretly believe they are better than anyone who didn’t win a prize.

Voting is open as of this moment, and will continue as described in the previous post. You may vote for the anthology of your choice once per day until August 15.

Vote Now!

Playoff Round Rules

July 31st, 2010 by Nancy Fulda

Preliminary voting for the Most-Liked Anthology Contest ends at midnight tonight (give or take a few hours — it quite frankly depends on what time I wake up for the day in Europe and lock the results).

Once the finalists have been announced, we’ll move into a Playoff Round whose purpose is to test, not simply how many people liked a given antho, but how devoted they are to it.

Accordingly, each visitor is allowed to vote once per day for the anthology of their choice. You see, devoted fans will be willing to stop by the finalists’ page every day to log their vote. Less devoted fans might intend to do so, but they will forget. Superficially devoted fans will decide the whole thing is not worth the effort and quit right now.

Voting will continue until August 15th.

As in the initial rounds, you are allowed to vote for your own anthology, and there is no shame in this. Also, although the ‘like’ links on the AB Library listings will remain active, the number of people who liked an anthology will have no bearing on the contest results once the finalists have been chosen.

It’s been great fun watching the finalist standings move around over the last few days. I consider them all to be splendid anthologies, and I’m quite curious to see which one comes out on top. May the best antho win!

Two Days Left

July 30th, 2010 by Nancy Fulda

Two days left to cast votes for the first round of the Most-Liked Anthology Contest.

As it currently stands, the Ladies of Carpe Libris have moved to take the lead, and the Jaine Fenn Sampler has jumped up to fourth.

Ladies of
Carpe Libris

The Draconomicon

With Stars In His Eyes

Kill Your Darlings:
A Jaine Fenn Sampler

The Authoritative
Merrie Haskell

On High

Top Anthos so Far

July 26th, 2010 by Nancy Fulda

Six days left in the first round of the Most-Liked Anthology Contest. At present, the top contenders are:

The Draconomicon

Ladies of
Carpe Libris

The Authoritative
Merrie Haskell

On High

Green Fingers

With Stars In His Eyes

Because the overall scores are relatively low, this is still anybody’s game. I wouldn’t be surprised if some previously unnoticed anthology surged forward to take the lead.

If you’d like to see how your own anthology places, you can do so by visiting and selecting ‘sort by most liked’ in the dropdown menu.

Eight Days Left

July 23rd, 2010 by Nancy Fulda

For those who’ve been meaning to enter the Most-Liked Anthology Contest but haven’t yet got around to it (you know who you are):

There are eight days left to submit an anthology to the contest. As a quick reminder: to enter an anthology you simply create it, save it, and add it to the AnthologyBuilder Library. The ten most-liked anthologies at midnight on July 31 will be taken to the PlayOff Round for a chance at a free anthology.

Oh, and fair warning — I’m beginning to drum up visitors to peruse the site and mark anthologies they like, so the sooner you get your entry in, the better you’re likely to do.

Most Liked Anthology: Deadline July 31

June 11th, 2010 by Nancy Fulda

Astute readers will already have noticed the ‘like’ links in our AnthologyBuilder Library.  These will be there forever, but this summer, we’re also going to use them for a contest.

Here’s how it works:

First, go build the snazziest anthology you can think of.  Psychedelic Dragons.  Reincarnated Swashbucklers.  Whatever floats your boat, as long as it falls within the realm of good taste.  Be sure to use the left-hand menu to add your masterpiece to the AnthologyBuilder Library.

Next, go mark your antho as ‘liked’ (yes, you may like your own book) along with any others that catch your fancy.  You may like as many books as you wish, and create as many anthologies as you want for the contest.

At the end of July, the ten Most-Liked Anthologies will be taken into a special Playoff Round, which will be described in more detail later.  From them, a winner will be chosen.

Deadline: July 31, but you can start building anthos right now.  In fact, all anthologies currently in the library are retroactively eligible.

The Prize: Eternal Bragging Rights plus a free anthology of your choice from our library.  As a bonus, any of your friends whose work appears in the winning anthology will undoubtedly be grateful for the exposure and for the nice things you said about them in the introduction.

Before you ask, yes, this is a popularity contest in the truest sense of the word.  We do not claim to be tracking down the most worthy or meritorious book.  We’re here to have a little fun, to see what kinds of crazy stuff people come up with, and to give someone a free book.

So what are you waiting for?  Go Build a Book or two.  It’ll be fun.  Trust me.

What’s up with the Match-That-Artwork Contest?

June 10th, 2010 by Nancy Fulda

For those who’re wondering whether we’ll be repeating the Match-That-Artwork Contest later this summer, the short answer is ‘maybe’.

If you care about the contest and would like to influence my decision, please join the conversation on our discussion forum. [Please note that the forum uses a separate login system than the main AnthologyBuilder site. New visitors will need to register before posting.]

And, to console eager contest-goers while decisions are being made, we will be hosting a ‘Most Liked Anthology’ contest which I will explain in detail later today.