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This is the contract that was agreed to by authors whose first submission to AnthologyBuilder was made prior to August 30, 2008. The current version of the contract may be found here.


AnthologyBuilder Authors' Contract

(pre-August 2008)

This contract is made between AnthologyBuilder, hereinafter referred to as the Publisher, and You, hereinafter referred to as the Author.

Grant of Rights

The Author grants the Publisher non-exclusive English-language reprint rights for each story (hereinafter referred to as the Work) that the Author uploads to the AnthologyBuilder web site.

The Publisher is granted permission to print and distribute the Work in custom anthologies sold through the AnthologyBuilder web site and to display excerpts of the Work as electronic previews. The Publisher may continue to sell the Work as long as it remains in the AnthologyBuilder database. The Author may remove the Work from the AnthologyBuilder database at any time.


The Author will retain copyright and all other rights to the Work, except as specified above.


Each time an anthology containing the Work is purchased through the AnthologyBuilder web site, the Author will receive a pro rata share of royalties based on word count. The total royalty amount to be shared between all authors will be at least $1.50 per anthology.

As an example, if the Work was included in a 70,000-word anthology, and the Work contained 7,000 words, the Author would receive $1.50 x 7000 / 70000 = $0.15 in royalties.

Payments will be issued twice per year as long as the amount due the Author is at least $20.00. If the amount due the Author is less than $20.00, payment will be delayed until the total amount due reaches $20.00.

Duration of Contract

This contract shall be valid as long as the Work remains in the AnthologyBuilder database. Removal of the Work by either party shall constitute termination of this contract.

AnthologyBuilder reserves the right to remove the Work from the database at any time, for any reason. The Author has this same right. If all Works are removed from the database, payment for all amounts due will be issued during the next pay period, even if the total amount is less than $20.00.

Warranty and Indemnity

The Author warrants and represents that he/she has the right to grant the rights above; that these rights are free and clear; that the sale of the Work through AnthologyBuilder will not violate any copyright or any other right of a third party, nor be contrary to law. The Author agrees to indemnify AnthologyBuilder for any loss, damage, or expense arising out of any sustained claim inconsistent with any of the above warranties and representations.

Applicable Law and Modifications

This Agreement shall be construed and interpreted according to the laws of the country of Germany in which AnthologyBuilder is based. Modifications to this contract will not be valid unless agreed to by both parties.