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Artists' Guidelines:
(Writers' guidelines can be found here)

AnthologyBuilder is closed to submissions as we prepare to shut down the web site. Thank you for your interest.

The goal of AnthologyBuilder is to become a printable library of sorts, a place where readers can easily find works by their favorite authors and have them delivered as a professionally bound book with beautiful cover art.

Submissions: AnthologyBuilder is seeking artwork submissions for use as anthology covers. We buy non-exclusive reprint rights and seek images that would match stories in a variety of genres including romance, mystery/crime, mainstream fiction and speculative fiction.

We are not interested in images that are explicit, graphic, or excessively disturbing. If your artwork could not be displayed on the shelves of a typical book store, it is probably not a good match for us.

Formatting: Submissions should be in .JPG format, 1838 pixels wide by 2775 pixels tall with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch.

To allow for cropping, folding and variations during the printing process, please keep important details at least 1/8 inch away from the edge of the page and avoid the use of decorative borders.

Payment: We pay a pro rata royalty each time an anthology using your cover art is purchased. Specifics can be read in our artist contract.

Submission Process: Artwork may be submitted through our online submission form. (You will need to create an account before submitting.) At the time of submission, you will have an opportunity to select text and accent colors that complement your cover art.

Once the submission process is complete, it may take up to ten days for us to determine whether your submission is a good fit for AnthologyBuilder. We will send you an email once we have made a decision on your submission.